• Faculty Vacant Position and Opportunities Sought

    Many institutions are posting advertisement on Vacant Faculty Positions on the group and MTCians are also posting mail seeking on various opportunities. To streamline and further help the stake holders in faculty recruitment we have come out with another plan. All such mails will be uploaded in our website, Home Page,  instead of posting over the group where knowledge sharing happens. Towards this endeavor we have put up an action plan for the same:

     (i) Institutional Member: Free of Cost

    (ii) Non- Institutional Member: Rs. 500/- per insertion

    (iii) Donor Member: Free

     (iii) Other Individual Member: Rs. 100/- per insertion for 3 month

     MTC Global strike rate is very high and we are sure that this will bring lot of opportunities to esteemed MTCians. Please contact president AT for further details