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  • Dear Professor,

    Greetings from MTC Global!

    There is a good opportunity for your institution to become an institutional member and showcase your program to 30,000+ strong management professors across India and world in one go and reach to over millions of people indirectly through out 50 odd various knowledge sharing initiatives. MTC Global has been very successful in showcasing seminar/conference/FDP/Research Paper Submission notification/ Conducting Online Survey/ Brand Equity and ensuring success of such programs/initiative through its strong credible and time tested global network.

    We also extend various other supports to the member institution in terms of :

    1. Top quality Faculty recruitment

    2. Services in Advisory Capacity

    3. Resource person

    4. Arranging Guest Lecture

    5. Project and Placement Lead

    6. Any other support sought for from member institutions

    Many colleges/universities had tie-up with us in the past and all the events were grand success. Please find below the list of some of our institutional members who have got immensely benefitted from MTC Global:

    1              Maharani Lakshmi Ammanni College for Women

    2              India Grid Pvt. Ltd.

    3              KLS' S Institute of Management Education &Research

    4              Vishwa Vishwani institute of systems and management.

    5              RKPW

    6              NIT Graduate School of Management

    1              RV Institute of Management

    2              International Institute of Professional Studies

    3              JSS Academy of Technical Education

    4              Vedanntam- Trainers & Consultants

    5              HKBK Degree College

    6              Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara Institute for Management Development (SDMIMD)

    7              SPSM'S SKN Sinhgad Business School

    8              Mewar University

    9              Central Institute of Business Management Research & Development

    10           MACFAST

    11           VIT Business School

    12           Sambhram School of Management

    13           Indus Business Academy

    14           Hyderabad Business School

    15           Dr. S Radhakrishnan College of Business Management

    16           "Society of Management and Behavioural Sciences  (SMBS India and Canada) 

    17           Rangnekar Institute of Management Studies & Research

    18           CHME Society's Dr. Moonje Institute of Management and Computer Studies

    19           Vision Book House Pvt Ltd.

    20           ACTSol and Associates

    21           BMS College of Engineering

    22           CET- School of Management

    23           Soundarya Institute of Management & Science

    24           Vivekananda Institute of Management Studies

    25           CELEI Educación Internacional, Spain

    26.          Dayanand Sagar Business Academy, Bangalore

    27.          PES University, Bangalore

    28.          Christ University

    29.          Kristu Jayanthi College

    30.          Resource Logic Solution India Pvt Ltd.


    The same information also will be uploaded in our Knowledge Café website www.knowledgecafe.Sorg which is phenomenon in terms of its credibility, reach and strike rate. You also get the opportunity to upload the same in our blog . Visit us at and

    There are multiple other benefits as well to become an institutional member to MTC Global.

    Please find attached the membership form for your necessary action please.

    Warm Regards,


    Prof. Bholanath Dutta

    President-MTC Global

    Educate, Empower, Elevate


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    Institutional Membership Form - India