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MTC Global Leadership Institute

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    Purpose:  The course is designed by keeping any eye on the latest development in the field and addresses the employability issues. Successful completion of the course will empower an individual with requisite knowledge, skills and abilities [KSA] to perform the job better and quick progression in career. Every individual must aspire for it. In today’s VUCA environment, it is a necessity and not a choice.

    Eligibility: Anyone


    Delivery Method: Online / Distance


    Duration: Short Certification Course- One Month / Medium Duration Course- 3 months

    Fees:    One Month Duration-INR 3000, USD 200

                Three Month Duration- INR 10,000, USD 500

    Support Material: Soft Copy support materials provided.

    Recognition: MTC Global is a Global Apex Advisory Body in Management Education having a membership base of over 30,000 professionals across academia and industry, spread in over 50 countries. An ISO 9001: 2008 certified organisation and a participant of United Nations Global Compact Program.replika órák The most trusted and highly credible organisation in the world. Visit

    All the courses are offered by MTC Global Leadership Institute under aegis of MTC Global.

    Short Certification Courses


    Certificate Course in Human Rights

     Certificate Course in Selling Skills

     Certificate Course in CRM

    Certificate Course in Entrepreneurship

    Certificate Course in Green Entrepreneurship

    Certificate Course in Technology Entrepreneurship

     Certificate Course in Social Entrepreneurship

    Certificate Course in Innovation & Creativity

    Certificate Course in Women Entrepreneurship

    Certificate Course in Technology Transfer

    Certificate Course in Retail

    Certificate Course in Marketing Research

     Certificate Course in Real Estate Management

    Certificate Course in Supply Chain

    Certificate course in Logistic

     Certificate Course in Material Management

     Certificate Course in Computer Fundamentals

    Certificate Course in Network Marketing

     Certificate Course in Event Marketing

    Certificate Course in Green marketing

    Certificate Course in New Age Marketing

     Certificate Course in Advertising

     Certificate Course in Public Relation

    Certificate Course in Office Management

     Certificate Course in Competency Mapping

     Certificate Course in Performance Appraisal

    Certificate Course in Recruitment

     Certificate Course in e-HRM

     Certificate Course in Training and Development

    Certificate course in Change Management

     Certificate Course in Knowledge Engineering

     Certificate Course in Hospitality

    Certificate Course in Tour and Travel

     Certificate Course in Soft-Skills

    Certificate Course in Tourism

    Certificate Course in Network Marketing

    35. Certificate Course in Hotel Management

    36. Certificate Course in NGO Management

     Certificate Course in Business Communication

    Certificate Course in Inventory Management

    Certificate Course in Leadership

    Certificate of MIS

     Certificate Course in Technical Writing

    Certificate Course in Teaching Proficiency

     Certificate Course in Industrial Relations

     Certificate Course in Creative Writing

     Certificate Course in Insurance Management

    Certificate Course in  Meditation

     Certificate Course in Cooking

     Certificate Course in Hospital Administration

     Certificate Course in Wellness and Spa

     Certificate Course in Massaging

     Certificate Course in Jewellery Designing

     Certificate Course in School Leadership

     Certificate Course in Distance Education

    Certificate Course in Family Business

    Certificate course in Finance

     Certificate Course in Banking

     Certificate Course in Financial Market

     Certificate Course in Training and Development

     Certificate Course in MLM

     Certificate Course in Hardware Maintenance

     Certificate Course in Hair Dressing

     Certificate Course in Capital Marketing

     Certificate Course in Courier Service

     Certificate Course in Cargo Management

     Certificate Course in Stress Management

     Certificate Course Fire and Safety

     Certificate Course in Crèche and pre-school Management

     Certificate Course in Primary Education

     Certificate Course in Pre-primary Education

     Certificate Course in Nursery Education

     Certificate Course in Montessori and Child Education

    Certificate Course in Interior Designing

     Certificate Course in Exterior Designing

     Certificate Course in Gardening

     Certificate Course in Secretarial Practice

    Certificate Course in Personal Secretaryship

     Certificate Course in Office Assistantship

     Certificate Course for Receptionist

    Certificate Course in Beauty Parlour Management

     Certificate Course in Image Management.

     Certificate Course in Cyber Law

    Certificate Course in Investment and Tax Planning

     Certificate Course in IPR

    Certificate Course in Environmental Law

    Certificate Course in Business Law

     Certificate Course in Community Development

     Certificate Course in Journalism

    Certificate Course in Acting

     Certificate Course in Modelling

    Certificate Course in Fashion Designing

     Certificate Course in Social Media Marketing

     Certificate Course in Transport Management

     Certificate Course in

     Certificate Course in Call Centre / BPO training

     Certificate Course in Desktop Publishing

     Certificate Course in NLP

     Certificate Course in Psychometric Testing

     Certificate Course in Handicraft

     Certificate Course in Gardening

     Certificate Course in Team Management

     Certificate Course in Gym & Fitness

     Certificate Course in Wealth Management

     Certificate Course in Spirituality and Yoga

    Medium Duration Course

    Marketing Management Professional

    HR Management Professional

    Finance Management Professional

    Operations Management Professional

    Supply Chain Management Professional

    Strategic Management Professional

    Brand Management Professional

    Public Relations Professional

    Software Professional

    Hard Ware Professional

    Internet and Networking Professional

    Digital Marketing Professional

    Computer Hardware Professional

    Accounting Professional

    For further details please mail to

    For all other details, please visit

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