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MTC Group Communication Culture


    1. Be precise and to the point.

    2. If you wish fellow members to go through any information/article already available on the web, neither re-produce the whole article nor simply give the link. Instead give a summary of contents and then give the link so that member can decide whether summary information is enough or s/he would like to go to the web page.

    3.  Mention only your name and current designation and main organization, this matter should be only 3 lines. Your qualification and other assignments can be mentioned in your data on the website of MTC Global.

    4. You may agree or disagree with a particular point of view and you are also free to put your own point of view but do not ridicule or pass any apprehensions on understanding or ability of any individual.

    5. In order to avoid cluttering, delete the contents other than the original mail and/or the mail to which you are responding when you are participating in any thread of discussion.

    6. Mail addressed to any individual MTCian should not be posted on the group.

    7. MTC Global being an international platform, you should make sure that you are correct grammatically and spelling wise, otherwise, moderator may have to either edit your mail or block it from going on the group depending on the quality of your expressions.

    8. If you are posting any material, only criteria should be that it will add to the learning of the members – avoid any such material that will hurt the sentiments of any class, caste or community.

    9. Information about training programs, seminars and conferences, publications etc. can be placed only by Institutional members. Individual members are requested not to place any such information on the group. Institutional members have to provide all the information in one page only. For detailed information, brochures, participation forms etc. the same have to be placed on MTC Global’s website for a nominal fee.

    However, on the request of MTCians, we have decided to make the seminar/conference announcement in a specific format only on Saturday. This is applicable for non-institutional members.

    10. We appreciate the yeomen task being done by our individual members and we appreciate their desire to share their learning with other members, however, they should not post any content for image building or promotion of their organization.

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