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MTC Shared Values

  • Shared Values

    <p mtc="" p="" shared="" span="" style="" text-align:"=""> Respect: Respect for human beings.

    Ecology: To consider the consequences of our actions. To respect positive intention. To consider our impact upon the larger system.

    Creativity: To be open to possibilities. To not accept the given as given. To find new questions. To make new models. To find new ways to reach a goal. To encourage others to express and share their inner dreams. To constantly challenge the way we do things and to innovate new possibilities.

    Love: To feel and show compassion to others. To accept others for who they are. To value ourselves, and to value others as we do ourselves. To "see" and acknowledge the best in others.

    Freedom: To have choice. To add more choices. To be able to choose. To allow others to make choices for themselves. To state our thoughts and feelings without fear of retribution. To honor people’s right to their own development.

    Diversity: To be unafraid of difference. To welcome the challenge of difference. To recognize and honor and value the differences in others. To accept different styles. To include different perspectives. To respect different cultures.

    Professionalism: To work with competence, creativity and joy.

    Creating Artful Community: To value the different gifts each person brings. To create affiliation and association which incorporate the wide variety of aspects of human expression. To connect with people as equals.

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