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Research and Publication

  • MTC Global Research and Publication Wing

    1. Initiatives by MTC Global:

    • E-bulletin- Knowledge in Practice (Quarterly)
    • Journal of Entrepreneurship and Management (  ISSN : 2231-3710 )
    • Hight quality book to foster excellence.
    • Facilitate Ph.D. Guidance by MTCians.
    • Working paper– Faculty Appraisal
    • Book Review Initiatives
    • Knowledge Partner with B-school.
    • Swami Vivekananda Knowledge Sharing Model.
    • Mentoring by seniors on research/consultancy/educational excellence.
    • Model Syllabus for MBA.
    • Many in the offing.
    • B-School experts 
    • Various committee to address relevant issues
    • White paper on important areas
    • Industry Sponsored project
    • Connecting with Foreign and National Thesis Evaluator from its central huge database.
    • Helping college to build a strong research culture frame-work and consultancy services frame-work.

    2. MTC Global first book "Management of Management Department-- A Road to Excellence" released in 2011, ISBN 978-81-922178-0-2. Pre-publication offer is ON @ INR 350/- ( Original Price INR 425.00). For subscription, contact :

    3. MTC Global second book "Faculty Development in Management Education: Issues, Perspectives, Components and Challenges" . Released in 2013. ISBN 978-81-922178-2-6. Please contact: president AT mtcglobal.or for subscription, contact president

    4. MTC Global third book " Revitalization of Management Education' released on 26.09.2014 , ISBN: 978-5142-965-4. For subscription , please contact

    5. MTC Global fourth book "Research in Managment" ISBN: 978-81-922178-3-3 , published in the year 2016.

    6. MTC Global Sixt Book ' Socio-Economic Development of Bangladesh: Sustainability of BNF’s Partner Organizations and Beneficiaries' ISBN: 978-81-922178-4-0 , published in 2017

    7. MTC Global upcoming book " Make in India: Role of Educational Institutions" , will be published on 9th Sep 2017. Block your copy now.

    8. To contribute paper to our world class journal "MTC Global Journal of Management and Entrepreneruship " please mail to

    For strategic partnership / any other queries, please write mail to